How To: Care For Your Lashes

Hey gorgeous! Let's talk about how to properly care for your Wink'd Out lashes, and get the most uses out of them. Want to know how? We got you!

TIP #1: Mascara first, Lashes Second.

DO NOT: apply mascara directly on your Wink'd Out lashes because it will cause them to appear clumpy and possibly damage the lashes themselves. Instead, we suggest that you apply mascara on your natural lashes first to help them blend in with your falsies!

TIP #2: Goodbye Glue!

After a couple of uses, make sure to remove any of the glue residue that has built up on the band. You can do this by simply removing it with your fingers or using tweezers to gently peel it off. Do not allow large amounts of glue to build up because it becomes more difficult to remove and will possibly damage the lash band. 

 TIP #3: Spot Clean

Clean off any left over makeup with an oil-free makeup remover and a cotton swab. This allows your Wink'd Out lashes to always look fresh and brand new!

TIP #4: Lash cases are a home for your lashes!

Always make sure to store your lashes back inside their lash case. This ensures that your lashes will maintain their shape and be ready for their next use! Whether you store your lash cases on your vanity or in your purse, they are ready to go everywhere with you! 


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